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Newsletter December 2014, Issue No. 8
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Presidents presented the Declaration of the Pacific Alliance on Climate Change
Ollanta Humala (Peru), Michelle Bachelet (Chile), Juan Manuel Santos (Colombia) and Enrique Peña Nieto (Mexico) presented the Declaration of the Pacific Alliance on Climate Change, where they stated that this phenomenon is one of the greatest global challenges and requires urgent and ambitious actions worldwide.
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Nota 1
Presidents of Peru and Colombia announce Donations 6 Million Each to the Green Fund
The presidents of Peru, Chile and Colombia along the COP20 Chair and Secretary General of the United Nations continued with the work session on the second day of the high-level segment.
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Nota 2
Paris takes over the “Play your part” campaign for 2015
COP20 Chair Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, with the musician Charly Alberti, part of the Argentinian rock band Soda Stereo, celebrated 305,000 commitments of “Play your Part” campaign.
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Nota 3
GLOBE Legislators Summit Meets at COP20 to Discuss International Environmental Policy
The GLOBE meeting, organized by the Peruvian National Congress to find solutions to climate change had a wide support of legislators from over 10 different countries.
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Nota 4
Entrepreneurs are requested to take into account scientific information on climate change
COP20, IPCC and Global Pact request entrepreneurs from all over the world to take into account scientific information on the effects of Climate Change and implement the suggestions for care of the planet.
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Nota 5
Together for conservation and sustainable forest management
REDD+ Day provided the opportunity to discuss the mechanism of Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD), which has been implemented in different countries.
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Nota 6
Ministers of the entire world celebrate Climate Justice Day on COP20 in Lima
To celebrate Climate Justice Day and emphasize the importance of recognizing the inequalities which climate change is generating was the objective of a high-level breakfast organized by the Mary Robinson Foundation.
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Knowledge for Action #CK4A
Conoc 1 Latin America is the most renewable region in the planet
We talked to Edwin Quintanilla Acosta, Peruvian vice-Minister of Energy, on energy production in the country and on the 2014-2015 national energy plan presented by the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru.
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Conoc 2 The contribution of indigenous knowledge in fighting climate change
We talked to Luis Román, coordinator for Indigenous Affairs at the Initiative for Conservation in the Andean Amazon (ICAA), about the impacts of climate change on indigenous peoples and the valuable contribution of traditional knowledge to the fight against climate change.
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