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Newsletter November 2014, Issue No. 6
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Voices for Climate will go from December 1 to 12 and will be open to the public
The space for participation and dialogue about climate change for the civil community called Voices for Climate, was officially launched by Environment Minister, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, and the Minister of Culture, Diana Alvarez-Calderón. It will run from 1 through to December 12, 2014 at the Jockey Club Peru.
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COP20 week in Piura was attended by several students
The COP20 week is an effort of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Foundation, the Ministry of the Environment, COP20 and the European Union to spread the message of the Cop20.
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Lucho Quequezana talks about COP20`s anthem
Lucho Quequezana, composer of the COP20`s anthem, talks about the elements that inspired him to create the music and the message he wants to communicate.
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Minister Pulgar-Vidal: “REDD+ must become one of the core issues in the climate change debate”
During the workshop “Enabling Forest Landscapes to Score Sustainable Development Goals”, a meeting point of politics with academics and specialist, the Minister talked about COP20`s.
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Prime Minister Ana Jara: construction of COP20 headquarters is 90% complete
Peruvian Prime Minister, Ana Jara, highlighted the fact that the country has assumed the challenge of introducing climate change in the world agenda.
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Knowledge for Action #CK4A
8.Gestion_data_ii Views of data on climate change
In order to make videos for policymakers, scientists, representatives of global NGOs and civil society, the organization of the COP20 requested data visualizations of climate change on the following topics: Forests, Sustainable Cities, Energy, Oceans, Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change, Mountains, Glaciers and Water Resources.
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9.gestion_conoc_bosques Birds and climate change in the Peruvian Tropical Andes
Biologist Oscar González presents a report on the importance of tropical mountains in Peru and its relation to key issues such as biodiversity, deforestation and climate change.
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$9.3 billion Pledged to Green Climate Fund
The Green Climate Fund communicate in a press release that it has received commitments from contributions by 9,300 million dollars. It is the largest contribution ever achieved by a mechanism of climate finance in just five months.
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Minister of the Environment presented the book “Conference on Climate Change COP20: Perspectives and critical issues for Peru
The book represents a collective effort of MINAM, IDEI, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the SPDA to present different perspectives on the problem of climate change and its relation to economic, cultural, geopolitical, social and, of course, the environmental systems.
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Civil Society and Institutions to Participate in the Workshop for National Diagnose Validation on Gender and Climate Change
In the presence of NGO representatives, civil society, the private sector and young leaders, the Workshop for National Diagnose Validation on Gender and Climate Change took place within the framework of the COP20.
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UNEP warns that countries have to achieve climate neutrality between 2055 and 2070
The Emissions Gap Report by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) indicates the urgency of taking action to reduce emissions and to develop the capture and storage of greenhouse gases in order to not exceed 2 ° C.
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